Anarchy Chocolate

Let’s talk about Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • Small batch craft chocolate
  • 100% natural ingredients sourced locally
  • Made at Anarchy (cocoa) Farm in Trat, Thailand
  • Family enterprise
33% Milk Chocolate- Anarchy Chocolate
85% Dark Chocolate - Anarchy Chocolate
Cocoa Nibs by Anarchy Chocolate
Chocolate Tea AC - Thai Cocoa

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What do we do?

Our processes and methodology are intended to produce the finest Thai chocolate for all from bean to bar.

A chocolate maker is someone who turns raw cacao beans into chocolate.

Cocoa beans are first sourced from producing countries around the world and are then processed through several machines (roaster, winnower, refiner, melangeur, and melters etc.) and the chocolate bars are the result of these combined processes, This is why craft chocolate is also referred to as ‘bean-to-bar chocolate’. We use both terms interchangeably throughout our website.

While all chocolate is technically bean to bar. We use the term to describe someone who purchases raw cocoa beans and makes them into finished chocolate products themselves

Many chocolate companies in the marketplace simply buy semi-finished products (couverture, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, cocoa butter) from other companies to melt and mix them.

Bean-to-bar means that the same person or company takes care of the entire process from sourcing the cocoa beans to the finish chocolate product.

A bean to bar chocolate maker has a vision for the entire chocolate making process: they choose the beans, the suppliers, the machines, the techniques, the roasting time and temperatures, even the design of the mold and of the packaging.

A lot more time, love and effort (not to mention the blood, sweat and tears) goes into bean to bar chocolate than buying chocolate already made by someone else and melting it.

Craft bean to bar makers are known for choosing fine flavour cocoa beans sourced from slave-free, ethical suppliers and paying a fair price for high-quality ingredients.

Let’s break down the three main differences:

Quality of Cocoa – Industrial chocolate companies use bulk cacao, which is cheap, has poor genetics and can be badly fermented.

Craft chocolate makers only source and process the highest-quality cacao available on the market to bring out the best flavours and often pay premium prices for an ethical product.

Ingredients – The list of ingredients in industrial chocolate tends to be long and full of questionable additives – a lot of sugar, artificial colourants, flavours, vegetable oils and a low percentage of actual cocoa (raw chocolate).

Craft chocolate makers keep the list short with minimal ingredients (often only organic cane sugar and cacao for a dark chocolate bar).

Production – Industrial chocolate is produced in large, automated and standardized factories.

Meanwhile bean to bar chocolate is made by artisans in small-scale operations with the minimum amount of machinery and a lot of love and craftsmanship, which makes the resulting chocolate unique and even more special.

Welcome to Anarchy Chocolate – a delicious and indulgent treat for chocolate lovers everywhere. At Anarchy Chocolate, we believe in the pure, unadulterated taste of chocolate. That’s why we use only the finest cocoa beans, sourced from the fertile lands of our farm in Trat, Thailand, and craft our chocolate using a unique bean to bar process. This produces chocolate that is smooth, creamy, and bursting with rich, chocolatey flavour.

But that’s not all – at Anarchy Chocolate, we believe in peace, love, and chocolate. That’s why we use sustainable, ethical sourcing practices to ensure that our cocoa beans are not only delicious, but also environmentally and socially responsible.

From our rich, intense 85% dark chocolate to our creamy, smooth 33% milk chocolate, Anarchy Chocolate has a delicious treat for everyone. And with our cocoa nibs or convenient husk tea bags, you can experience the rich, chocolatey flavour of Thai cocoa in a whole new way.

So why wait? Try Anarchy Chocolate today and experience the delicious taste of freedom. Whether you’re a chocolate lover, a tea enthusiast, or just looking for a tasty and healthy snack, Anarchy Chocolate has something for you. Browse our selection of delicious chocolate and tea products today and discover the taste of freedom for yourself.

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