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Starting our Bean to Bar Chocolate Adventure Together

Our initial concept for Anarchy Chocolate was conceived in 2018 by the two of us, Perry and Katae. We’re an English Thai couple AKA Thinglish Lifestyle.

Perry rediscovered a love for nature and growing healthy food using permaculture principals after living in Thailand for several years. Initially, cocoa was just one of the hundreds of fruit trees he planted in his food forest.

Meanwhile, Katae is a creative genius in the kitchen who loves nothing more than experimenting with European food (Italian is her favourite), Thai fusion dishes while also baking and making naughty but nice ice-creams.

Developing chocolate from tree to bean to bar in Trat province was a natural development that combined both our interests. It’s a team effort that now has other members of the family joining in.

In 2019 we purchased a run-down fruit farm and invested our love, sweat and tears into it. We started to turn the neglected land into a productive space and introduced cocoa amongst the established durian, mangosteen, rambutan and lychee trees.

The farmhouse was renovated specifically to create a space to make beyond organic, artisan bean to bar chocolate. It features a large open kitchen to work in and even a controlled temperature ‘lab’.

The Anarchy Chocolate Philosophy

About Anarchy Chocolate - Thai CocoaOur processes and methodology are intended to produce the finest Thai chocolate for all to enjoy from the tree to the bar.

Anarchy Farm is not certified organic and as anarchists we would not seek the accreditation of a government agency to obtain organic status. We believe good honest food, grown naturally without pesticides, herbicides and hormones is well… simply food, just like grandma used to grow. Produce grown with all the aforementioned poisons should be labelled accordingly. The system is inversed, corrupt and needs changing.

This website is meant as a document of our journey creating a bean to bar chocolate brand in Trat province while supporting local craftsmen and businesses along the way.

We started of with an idea and who knows where the roads will take us? As Dr. Emmett Brown said “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads! We’d love to take you along with us for the ride. Are you ready?

If you are a visual kinda person, you can follow our processes, wins and failures on YouTube. We post one or two videos per week from Anarchy Farm and get some insights to our lives in Thailand. You’ll also meet our extended family that consists of our two fur babies, Money and Cobain, our chickens, geese and other weird and wonderful animals.

You can also find Anarchy Chocolate on Facebook and Instagram and for purchases outside of Thailand, please visit our Etsy Anarchy Farm store here.

Why Anarchy Chocolate?

Anarchy has a bad rep. The actual word ‘Anarchy‘ has been accosted and subverted. Many people actually think it means chaos and disorder. The true meaning of the word simple means ‘without rulers‘.

Anarchists, we have been lead to believe are mask wearing, molotov cocktail throwing thugs. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Anarchists are also known as voluntarists. Voluntarism is the principle that individuals are free to choose goals and how to achieve them within the bounds of certain societal and cultural constraints, as opposed to actions that are coerced (by force) or predetermined. We are claiming Anarchy back to share it in it’s pure original form, one chocolate bar at a time. Peace, Love & Chocolate!

Anarchy from the Greek; anarkhos “rulerless,” from an- “without” + arkhos “leader”. Anarchy means ‘without rulers’ not ‘without rules’.

Anarchy Chocolate – Peace, Love & Chocolate / The Taste of Freedom

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