Bottles of Cocoa Juice

What is Cocoa Juice?

Cocoa juice is a healthy drink derived from the first stage fermentation process of cocoa beans that eventually go on to make for one of the world’s most guilty pleasures… chocolate. 100%…
Anarchy Chocolate cocoa butter - cacao butter

Cocoa Butter or Cacao Butter – What Is It?

Cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans of the Theobroma cacao tree. The process starts with fermenting and sun drying the harvested beans. This takes up to two weeks. Then the cocoa…
Anarchy Chocolate - 15 Palms Resort - Koh Chang

Discover Anarchy Chocolate on Koh Chang

Are you living on or visiting the beautiful island of Koh Chang, Thailand and need your fix of delicious craft chocolate? Simply visit 15 Palms Beach Resort and Restaurant on White…
Anarchy Chocolate Sponsors Fitz Club 14th Tennis Tournament

Anarchy Chocolate are Proud Sponsors of the 14th Fitz Club Tennis Tournament

Fitz Club’s Popular Annual Tennis Tournament returns on 8th April - 10th April 2022 Royal Cliff Hotels Group will once again stage its popular 14th Fitz Club Tennis Tournament…
ARRRnachy Chocolate [Accepting ARRR Here] (2)

ARRRnachy Chocolate [Accepting ARRR Here]

Like chocolate, we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. That’s why we are happy to be a one of the first merchants on the Arrrmada Directory and accept payments for our full…
Cocoa Mass by Anarchy Chocolate

Cocoa Mass

What is Cocoa Mass? Cocoa Mass is a single ingredient chocolate ground from the beans of the cacao fruit - nothing is added. Cocoa mass is the first step ingredient that can be processed…
Anachy Chocolate Make Time for Cocoa Tea

Make Time for Cocoa Tea

Experience Chocolate The Healthy Way One of the best kept secrets of the world is cacao tea (also known as cocoa tea, cocoa husk tea, cocoa bean husk tea and chocolate tea). The Mayan…
In this article I’m going to argue the case of why cocoa nibs are better than chocolate.

3 Reasons Why Cocoa Nibs are Better than Chocolate

In this article I’m going to argue the case of why cocoa nibs are better than chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking chocolate, I love it, but I do believe cocoa nibs…
Anarchy Farm Open Weekend

Anarchy Farm Open Weekends

Anarchy Farm are opening its gates to visitors for the next two weekends. Meet the family behind Anarchy Chocolate and join us for a delicious array of naughty but nice home baked…
Chocolate is for life, Not just Christmas or Lockdown (2)

Chocolate is For Life, Not Just Christmas

You know what they say, “chocolate is for life, not just Christmas.” Can’t help but yearn for that chocolatey taste as it melts in your mouth? You’re not alone. Chocolate…
Anarchy Chocolate Box

Marketing Out of the Chocolate Box – 4 KickAss Strategies

After the success of my last article publish on BarTalks (if you haven’t read it, you can here), I though in this month’s post I’d share more out-of-the-chocolate-box marketing…
Craft Chocolate for Future Markets

Craft Chocolate for Future Markets [5 Top Tips]

Crafting the perfect chocolate from bean to bar is a long and complex process, but only half the story of running a successful chocolate enterprise. In this post, we will look at…