Anarchy Farm Open Weekend

Anarchy Farm Open Weekends

Anarchy Farm are opening its gates to visitors for the next two weekends. Meet the family behind Anarchy Chocolate and join us for a delicious array of naughty but nice home baked…
Chocolate is for life, Not just Christmas or Lockdown (2)

Chocolate is For Life, Not Just Christmas

You know what they say, “chocolate is for life, not just Christmas.” Can’t help but yearn for that chocolatey taste as it melts in your mouth? You’re not alone. Chocolate…
Anarchy Chocolate Box

Marketing Out of the Chocolate Box – 4 KickAss Strategies

After the success of my last article publish on BarTalks (if you haven’t read it, you can here), I though in this month’s post I’d share more out-of-the-chocolate-box marketing…
Craft Chocolate for Future Markets

Craft Chocolate for Future Markets [5 Top Tips]

Crafting the perfect chocolate from bean to bar is a long and complex process, but only half the story of running a successful chocolate enterprise. In this post, we will look at…
Cocoa Farm Thailand

From Wall Street to Cocoa Farm

Here in Thailand, many city dwellers are closing up shop and moving out to the provinces where they have family and land. The two weeks to flatten the curve lockdown over the last…
Anarchy Chocolate


Smiling faces, beautiful beaches and ancient Buddhist temples are the first images that come to mind when you think of Thailand. However, there’s a growing craft chocolate movement…
Chocolate Makers - Build your Brand on the New Net

Chocolate Makers – Build your Brand on the Dweb [2 Exclusive Domain Names]

A rare opportunity exists today for chocolate makers to future proof their business and secure a unique domain name on the decentralized web (dWeb or web 3.0). Artisanal chocolate…
Thai Cocoa - Anarchy Chocolate

The Khao Saming Tree Festival 2021

Come join in the fun and meet the Anarchy Chocolate family at the Khao Saming Tree Festival. There are thousands of trees and plants to brighten up your day and hundreds of stalls…
Combatting Climate Change with Cocoa

Combatting Climate Change with Cocoa

Anyone who has been following our story here or on our other blog Thinglish Lifestyle will know we are passionate about permaculture and regenerative farming. From our personal experience…
The Art of Chocolate Making - Anarchy Chocolate

The Art of Chocolate Making

The art of chocolate making is a fun process that makes millions of people happy each and every day. But how exactly is it done? Follow along for a trip through the process that produces…
Women in Chocolate

Women in Chocolate

The Female Cocoa Pioneers in a World Dominated by Men Although women have been at the heart of chocolate for centuries, it is often forgotten that they were instrumental in shaping…
Cacao Trees | Anarchy Chocolate

12 Fun Facts About Cocoa Trees That Will Make You Love Chocolate Even More 

Do you love chocolate? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. Cocoa trees are high maintenance and sensitive to climate change, but their fruit yields a delicious treat…

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