Temper Chocolate

How to Temper Chocolate for Molds

Like magic, the alchemy of chocolate turns a gooey mass of brown paste into heaven. It’s the height of accomplishment to pop out a perfectly snappy, shiny molded chocolate bar and…
Chocolate Molds

How to Make Chocolate Molds

Have you ever wished you could make your very own chocolate molds? Surprisingly, you can, and it's pretty easy too. With very little equipment and a few basic steps, you can create…
Fermenting Cocoa Beans in Thailand

How Do You Ferment Cocoa Beans?

Why do we ferment cocoa beans? When you are preparing to bake, do you ever stop to consider how the cocoa you are using got into your pantry? The process of producing cocoa is a multi-step…
Growing Anarchy Chocolate

Growing Cocoa Trees (Theobroma cacao) in Thailand

Growing cocoa trees could be a good way to expand income or save money on chocolate. A good investment for farmers as demand currently outstrips supply, however growing cocoa trees…
Cocoa Beans and Fresh Harvested Pod

2 Methods for Drying Cocoa Beans

In this blog post we will discuss what drying cocoa beans means and the processes used. Making anything with chocolate is fun and tasty. There is a process to get the cocoa you bake…
Chocolate Gift Wrapping Ideas

Chocolate Gift Wrapping Ideas

In the realm of chocolate gift wrapping ideas, there lies a secret ingredient to turning a simple gesture into an unforgettable token of affection, love, and care. The act of giving…

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